Sunday, 17 March 2013
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11 World Heritage Objects in Indonesia

Until this year there are 11 Indonesian objects out of approximately 890 objects around the world which are awarded as World Heritage by UNESCO. These World Heritage objects may get sponsored by World Heritage Fund under certain conditions. The World Heritage objects located in Indonesia are listed as follows: 

World Heritage of Intangible Culture : Indonesia has 4 World Heritage Intangible Culture objects. 


Keris is recognized by UNESCO in 2005. Keris that we know now is the result of long evolutionary process. Modern keris known today is a unique belati penusuk with a variety of forms. Besides being used as a weapon, keris is also often considered to have sueprnatural power. This weapon is often mentioned in many traditional legends such as keris Mpu Gandring in the legend of Kend Arok and Ken Dedes.

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